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Isn’t «LOL» a bit – 2005?
I freak out when I see adults still using «LOL» at facebook.
Hello – you might just as well say «hehe», cuz LOL – that is so lame!

LOL means short for «laugh out loud».
The reason why we started with these «words», is the old cellphones!
It took too much time to write the whole words, so shortening it made it easier, and soon it was

«cool» to use it. We used to chat at IRC and MSN – and soon we started to use these also here!

ROFL, LOL, MRD…. Well, I am not gonna mentioning them all… but now people rarely use them!

Maybe because the cellphones have better programs, we just write the first letter and the cellphone suggests the word you meant, so you don’t have to write the whole word….
Maybe I am old and boring, but I think LOL is so nerdy to use now. It was cool and «trendy» in 2005, but that is 10 years ago! Hello!!!!!!



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