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onsdag, januar 13th, 2016


Isn’t «LOL» a bit – 2005?
I freak out when I see adults still using «LOL» at facebook.
Hello – you might just as well say «hehe», cuz LOL – that is so lame!

LOL means short for «laugh out loud».
The reason why we started with these «words», is the old cellphones!
It took too much time to write the whole words, so shortening it made it easier, and soon it was

«cool» to use it. We used to chat at IRC and MSN – and soon we started to use these also here!

ROFL, LOL, MRD…. Well, I am not gonna mentioning them all… but now people rarely use them!

Maybe because the cellphones have better programs, we just write the first letter and the cellphone suggests the word you meant, so you don’t have to write the whole word….
Maybe I am old and boring, but I think LOL is so nerdy to use now. It was cool and «trendy» in 2005, but that is 10 years ago! Hello!!!!!!



Go veggie

mandag, januar 11th, 2016

There is a trend now on being a veggie every monday. Not a bad idea as we tend to eat a lot of meat….

So – I have started today… although I am going to eat Brennsnut later 😀 (but next monday, I will go totally veggie).

Today I tried this one for lunch.

I bought some falaffel, but you might try to make it yourself too. I will try next time, then a receipe will wait here just for you!

I also had couscous to follow the falaffel, and it tasted excellent!

The couscous itself is rather tasteless, but I added some tiny pieces of broccoli, some tiny pieces of chili, cherrytomatoes, garlic and spices…

and finally some orange juice. It tasted marvellous! Yummy!

Todays dish – soup!

mandag, januar 11th, 2016

This soup is called «Brennsnut» in Norwegian. Translated, it means burning your nose 😀 Not because it is hot – like in spicy, but because it is served hot 🙂 But… I think it tastes a lot better when it is not too burning hot 🙂

Well – what do you need for this lovely dish?

You can use whatever you have of vegetables, use some sausages and even some salt meat too if you have. There’s really no measure here either, use what and how much you got. This dish is easy to serve when you have a lot of guests!

Makeup on budget

mandag, januar 11th, 2016

There’s a lot of inspiration out there on the internet, on blogs, webpages and on youtube,

but most of the makeup – is for those who have a lot of money to use on makeup.

I’m here to show you that you can get that look- without getting broke!


One of the things you can do to get affordable cosmetics, is to shop online. Just google the product you want,

and you’ll find the best price. Just make sure that the transportation fee is not to high, then it will be cheaper to buy it in a real store 🙂

So – what I do, is to google the products I need on ebay , and sometimes I get it cheaper there. I will really recommand Corean makeup – high quality, affordable prices… but not the cheapes though… If you want cheap, search for the Chinese ones…  But I must make sure that I don’t order for more than 350 NOK including transportation fee, or else I will get a shocking bill in my mail!
Otherwise, I don’t really shop too much on online stores from foreign countries. I prefer those who have offices in Norway where I come from. (they have stores in other countries too) – have a lot of cosmetics and good deals at affordable prices and good quality.
A big plus that they don’t test on animals and use natural ingredients! I also like to order from – they have good products at affordable prices 🙂

So – what are you waiting for? Start ordering 😀
I will give you some links for products and good deals soon.

For instance this fantastic product! If you have big pores, skinworms or inpurities, this product is fantastic.
You can use it everyday, it peels your skin smoothly, leaving it silky smooth and beautyful matte.

Pure skin – daily exfoliating peeling. Price? Only 39 NOK now, ordinary 59 – and even that is cheap considering this is such a good product! It contains no soap, so it will not dry out your sensitive skin.

I use it every day 🙂


mandag, januar 11th, 2016

Where do you get inspiration?

I get inspiration from travels, from stores, from internet, from brochures and magazines.

Inspiration to what?

Well, that’s what this blog is about. It is meant to give YOU inspiration 🙂

Inspiration within the food, interior design, makeup, health and wellness! This is a goodieblog, with a lot of goodies- just for you!
So keep on watching this blog, there is more to come!

Welcome to my blog

mandag, januar 11th, 2016

This is my first post here on this blog.


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